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Online Workshops

Launching later in 2020 is series of online workshops that I have developed to introduce you to Cosmic Heart Intuitive topics and practices that may be new for you! These include videos and written resources.

When I consciously started my spiritual journey, there were not a lot of resources around to provide  basic knowledge for beginners. I have done a lot of research and reading, and attended numerous workshops and conferences to gain information and skills to guide my services for animals and people, and support soul journeys and evolution.  

My bestseller book 'Evolving Hearts and Souls – The Guide to Spiritual Awakening'

also offers information and guidance for those on their spiritual awakening journey.

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An Introduction to Animal Communication

Module Topics:


What is animal communication ?

How does animal communication work ?

Respecting free will and confidentiality 

Intent and integrity 

Connection, introduction and consent 

Overcoming doubt and blocks 

Can I really hear voices in my head ?

Avoiding common pitfalls 


Thank you and passing on messages 

WS Animal Comms

An Introduction to Essential Oils

Module Topics:


How do essential oils work and help ?

Oils ain’t oils 

Safe use of oils 

Contraindications and safety warnings 

Common uses for oils 

WS Ess. Oils

An Introduction to Crystals

Module Topics:

How do crystals work ?

How to clean crystals 

Crystals in your house 

How to buy crystals 


How to use crystals 

WS Crystals
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