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About Annie

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Annie and Reilly.

My Story

I live north of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia.

Animals are my passion. As a professional animal medium and communicator, I have conversations with animals who are living or in spirit. It is an honour to be their voice and their advocate. I pass messages between animals and their humans, and pass on messages to keepers in zoos so that they are aware of any issues affecting the animals. As animals hold so much wisdom, I am able to hear what they want to share, and ensure that their messages are heard.


These were the driving forces that led me to write and publish my first book. “The Bridge to Animal Consciousness” which was released in August 2018 as an e-book and paperback, and is an international Amazon #1 best seller. Through this book I aim to raise global consciousness about animals, helping mankind to understand why animals are here, how they help us and how we can help them.

In addition to my work with animals, I am also intrigued by humans’ spiritual purpose and the soul evolution journey. Through my personal exploration of spiritual and metaphysical lore and practices, I am a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, Crystal Therapist, Reiki Master, Angel Intuitive, Medical Intuitive, Clairvoyant and Medium. I love supporting healing and well-being for animals and humans, and combine my spiritual gifts to provide intuitive healing support in a safe environment.


My second book and #1 Amazon bestseller “Evolving Hearts and Souls – The Guide to Spiritual Awakening” was released in September 2018. I wrote this to support those on their spiritual awakening path and to demystify some of the weird phenomena that may be experienced, based on my personal journey and studies.

Anything is possible. 

Miracles happen. 

Dreams come true.   

Annie's Mantra

Animal communication

My introduction to animal communication followed years of verbal communication with my cats. I sensed that they understood what I was saying, but I wanted to know what they were saying to me. I used to tell them that I knew they knew and understood what I was saying, and wished that I could speak “cat”. My girl Ginge was the runt of a litter, and special being a ginger female, as most ginger cats are male. When she passed away, held in my arms, I was determined to find out more about animal communication. Some time later, searching on the internet, I found a website advertising an animal communication course. Uncannily the image on the website was a double for my Ginge! I felt that this was no coincidence – everything happens for a reason and I felt my gorgeous girl was guiding me to this site and confirming that this was what I was supposed to do. After reading the course work outline, I enrolled, and a whole new world opened up for me.


At this time I had two cats who I felt were very human with their vocal communication and their very expressive eyes, and I asked for their help. Night after night they assisted me with the course work – I busily practised sending them messages and images and was open to receiving their responses and images. Animals are extremely sensitive and intuitive, and know exactly what is going on around them, and they say it exactly how it is, no holes barred!  They show images like little movie snippets to answer questions, or answer directly. My cats were there to assist me with this part of my life purpose, and continue to talk to me and teach me.

I have visited lots of zoos and chatted with many different kinds of animals, there have only been a couple who didn’t want to talk. Most have been surprised then appreciative of having someone who can talk to them and wanting to spend time with them, asking how they are and finding out if anything needs to be done to make them feel better or more comfortable and then passing these messages on to their carers.

Animal Mediumship

My experience with animal mediumship began at a spiritual development course. A lovely little dog in spirit showed me a multi-coloured material ball, with segments of different materials like segments of an orange, being batted around furniture legs. His human confirmed that this was his favourite toy. He also kept telling me “chocolate, chocolate”. When you receive messages from animals, whether visual or in words, it’s tempting to rationalise or try to explain or interpret or doubt what you’ve seen or been told– but I’ve learned that you need to pass the message on as received and the receiver needs to interpret and understand it. I thought that  chocolate was an incorrect message as dogs are not supposed to eat chocolate, but as he was so insistent on passing this message on, I told the owner that he was going on and on about chocolate. She laughed and admitted that at the time she didn’t know it wasn’t healthy for him, and it had been a special treat for the two of them to share a bar of chocolate.


My passion for healing has developed over 10 years in this lifetime, with a fascination with crystals and their healing properties, mediumship for humans, energetic healing including Reiki, and essential oils and their uses with clinical aromatherapy. I have undertaken many courses and workshops to reactivate and enhance my skills so that I can better support animals and people.

Animals often show altered health and behavioural issues as a reaction to them identifying that there is something wrong with their human. They are very sensitive to frequencies, and can sense when our human body frequencies drop with illness. Sometimes animals take on some of the health issues for the human, so that the human does not have to experience such a severe illness. Two of my animals have done this, and I have spoken with other animals who have also done this out of love and service for their human. When I have a conversation with animals, I can find out if it is the animal or the human or both who need healing, and then support the animal – human bond through this process.

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