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For Animals

"Part of my soul purpose is to

make a difference for animals."

How you can join the conversation to help make a difference for animals!

The opportunity for you to connect to your animals on a deeper level, and have greater insight into what is affecting them, and what can be done to improve their well-being and your relationship.

Through communication with your animal in spirit, I can convey your messages and questions, which can support the grieving process for both you and your animal.

An Amazon #1 international bestseller written to raise global awareness about animals – that they have souls, that they too have soul purposes, that they come into our lives for a reason, that we can communicate with them, that they have wisdom to share, that we can enrich the human-animal relationship through communication, and that by helping them, they help us.

An avenue to raise awareness about the beauty and uniqueness of the animals we share the planet with.

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Animal Communication Session

Investment $333

This session can either be an Animal Conversation (with a living animal) or an Animal Mediumship session (with an animal in spirit). 

Animal Conversation (with a living animal)

  • Booking an animal conversation provides an opportunity to connect with your animal on a whole new level. 

  • If you have concerns about behavioural changes, health issues, or want to know how they are coping with changes such as a new home or different people or other animals in the house, I will ask these questions on your behalf. 

  • Please be advised that animal communication is a free will situation – if they choose not to answer certain questions, I respect their wishes and will advise you and ask you to provide replacement questions.  

  • Please be advised that your animals understand what is going on with you – they will answer truthfully and exactly as they see it from a place of love for your highest good. 

  • If there are any health concerns raised about you or your animal or other animals, I will advise you about these and discuss potential healing support options.


Animal Mediumship (with an animal in spirit)

  • Booking an animal mediumship session provides an opportunity to connect with an animal who has passed over (in spirit).

  • Through my work as a medium with humans and animals, I know that the soul endures. It does not matter how long the soul has been in spirit - the soul can be connected with and as long as they are willing to communicate, your questions can be asked and the answers relayed back to you. Often the soul will provide absolute confirmation that they are the soul of the animal that you want to communicate with. I have been provided with evidence such as favourite toy, nickname, and former name, all of which have been confirmed by their humans. 

  • Having the opportunity to speak with your animal in spirit can be very healing for your grief process particularly if the animal passed away suddenly and you didn’t get a chance to say goodbye. For your animal, this can also be a very empowering time as it will be their first opportunity to tell you their feelings about your relationship with them and express their feelings of gratitude and love. 

  • Although these conversations can be very emotional, it is such a relief to know that the soul endures, and that there is life after life.

The Details.

  • Ask up to 6 questions 

  • I will also ask a bonus questions - "Is there is anything else that you would like to tell your human(s)?". (Questions related to soul purpose, soul lessons, past lives, and reincarnation are only available in the Premium Animal Mediumship Program)  

  • Please complete the online form with your questions and email me a photo of your animal (with their name and yours) showing their face with eyes open. 

  • I will return your answers as soon as possible, usually within 72 hours.

How I work

Animal Communication Session
Animal Mediumship
animal communication mentorship program.png

Animal Communication Mentorship Program

Would you love to be able to talk with your animals living or in spirit ?
Are you frustrated not knowing what they are trying to tell you ?
Are you concerned about behaviour changes or health issues ?

Mastering telepathic animal communication means you can ask your animals your questions as they arise, and ease your worries by getting prompt answers.

Your animals are here to support you in so many ways, and offer so much more than helping you to experience unconditional love and providing comfort and companionship.

Are you curious about past soul connections with your animal ?

Do you want to know why they are with you ?

Would you love to find out the guidance they want to share with you ?

Enrol in my program and work with me 1:1 for 3 months with 2 animals (yours or mine). We progress step by step with increasingly complex activities so you can confidently master telepathic animal communication and talk with your animals living and in spirit. Your animals know so much about you and are happy to assist you learning how to communicate with them. Their vocabularies are incredible, as is the wisdom they want to share with you.

Contact Annie at to receive the program PDF and enrolment details.


Your info is on its way!

Animal Communication Session
Animal Mentorship
Premium Animal Mediumship Program
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Premium Animal Mediumship Program

for your VIP (Very Important Pet)



Investment: please email me for further information,

For animal parents struggling with the loss of their beloved animal, I now offer my Premium Animal Mediumship Program. 

This Program will provide individual support over 8-12 weeks helping you to navigate the grief process. The program includes two animal mediumship sessions with your animal, where I ask the questions that you want answers to.

I also discover:

  • the signs to know that your animal is visiting you on an energetic level, 

  • if they’ve been with you in past lives, 

  • if they are going to have another lifetime with you (reincarnation), 

  • information about their life purpose, and 

  • their specific messages for you.

You will also receive a powerful intuitive distance healing session which may include energy healing, crystals, and sound. I will provide you with an essential oil blend to support you and other family members with the grief process.

I will lead you on a meditation to meet your animal’s soul. It is such a relief to be re-united with your animal and be able to feel and hear them as a living being.

This program is also very rewarding for your animal in spirit, as they finally get the chance to pass on personal messages to you.

They can confirm that the soul endures, and that there is life after life, which powerfully helps us to heal.

Imagine being able to move beyond your prolonged deep grief and have your questions answered. 

Imagine the peace of mind knowing that your animal has transitioned safely and can visit you on an energetic level.

I invite you to join me on this fascinating journey of healing and understanding your animal on a much deeper level.

Investment: please email me for further information, 

Not sure if this program is for you? Book a chat with me below.

To find out more, enter your email and I will send you detailed information about this program. 

Your info is on its way!

Annie Bourke - The Bridge To Animal Cons

'The Bridge to Animal Consciousness'  

#1 International Amazon Best Seller



Since the dawn of creation, animals and humans have shared Earth together. 

There is however a significant gap with understanding why animals are here, why they choose us, what they are trying to tell us, and how by helping them they can help us.

I wrote this book to build the bridge to understanding animal consciousness through sharing my stories and knowledge with humour and compassion.

In this book, I explain:

  • Why animals are here

  • Animal reincarnation and their soul journey

  • How to welcome a new animal into your household, and how to say goodbye

  • How to enrich the lives of animals

  • What we can do to prevent animal extinction and peacefully co-exist

Animals matter. 

They are wise beings who can help us on our journey. The more we understand them, the richer our lives are. 


Available in e-book and paperback.

Animal BOOK
Podcast Cover.jpeg

Annie’s Podcast – What animals tell me



Every single day your pets try to communicate with you. They understand everything that you are saying, but you may not understand what they are trying to tell you.

What if there was a way that you could communicate with your pets? In this podcast I will share telepathic conversations I’ve had with animals living and in spirit so that you can better understand and appreciate your animals. Join me for my interviews where I talk with people who work with animals in unique ways.

You can join the podcast here: 

Animal Podcast


  • How can you hear animals talking?
    I have been a professional animal communicator and animal medium for a number of years, and have practiced continually with my animals, friends’ animals, animals in zoos, and animals in the wild. Once I connect telepathically, I can hear their individual voices in my head. If I can’t understand an answer, I ask them to rephrase it, or show me an image so that I can clearly understand what they are wanting me to tell their human. Sometimes I get shown series of images like a movie snippet to explain what is happening and what they want their human to understand. They all have individual voices and pitches and tone, like humans. I can hear when they are smiling, and have had them laugh and even sing to me!
  • What happens if my animal does not want to talk?
    To date, no domestic animals have refused to have a conversation. In the unlikely situation that your animal does not want to chat to me, your booking fee will be fully refunded.
  • What if I don’t have enough questions for the Animal Communication session?
    Ask the questions that you really want to know the answers to. Your animal may provide additional information that you may not have thought to ask about.
  • My animal passed over years ago. How can you connect?
    Although the physical body is no longer with us, the soul endures. I have spoken with so many animals in spirit who have confirmed that they are the soul their human wants to connect to. It’s a matter of connecting to their individual soul and energetic frequency. Having the photo of your animal helps me to know that I have connected to their soul.
  • I live overseas. How can you connect to my animal?
    As answered in the question above, it is a matter of connecting energetically to the soul of your animal wherever they are, living or passed over. I have connected to animals in Australia when I have been overseas, and have connected to animals living overseas from Australia. The telepathic communication is not affected by distance or geography, or whether the animal’s soul is in the physical plane with you or passed over in the spiritual plane.
  • What happens during an Animal Communication Session?(either Animal Conversation or Animal Mediumship)
    After receiving your questions and photo, I will connect with and introduce myself to your animal, and explain that you have some questions that you want me to ask on your behalf. Once I have their consent to have the conversation, I will ask your questions, and write down their responses, word for word. I will send you the responses to your questions, and any additional information that they particularly want you to know. Their understanding of the our language is impressive and they communicate from basic to very sophisticated levels. Animals speak the truth – they will say things exactly as they are. They understand everything that you tell them, and know what is going on with you.
  • Is it possible that my current animal has the soul of one of my previous animals?
    Yes, and this is a question that you can ask in your session for your animal to confirm. At least two of my cats have reincarnated in my current lifetime, and some have had past lives with me. I wasn’t aware of the reality of animal reincarnation until my cats let me experience it, and I wrote about it in my book “The Bridge to Animal Consciousness” to reassure others that their animal’s soul can come back. I have spoken with so many people who know that their animal’s soul has come back, and have spoken with so many animals who have confirmed that they have come back. They won’t be exactly the same soul, even if they look similar. Each time we have a life time on Earth as a human or an animal, we have lessons to learn. When we learn the lessons and pass over, our soul evolves. The soul who returns is at a higher evolved level (higher energetic frequency and carrying more wisdom). Not every animal we have in this lifetime reincarnates in our lifetime, but when they do, it is such a gift to have them sharing our life again. You may recognise physical traits, or behaviours or mannerisms and will definitely know if it is a previous animal that has returned to be with you again. A testament to the enduring nature of love.
  • Is it possible that my animal in spirit is visiting me in our house?
    Yes, and this is a question you can ask in your session. I’ve had my cats visit energetically and my other cats can sense when they do. So many people have told me that they can hear, see, feel or sense when their animal is visiting. Weight or pressure on the bed, seeing them running down the corridor, hearing them meow or bark – these are all common experiences of people who have animals in spirit. Your animals who are physically with you may look intently at apparently nothing when they sense your animal is there – they aren’t frightened or threatened – they recognise the soul energetically.
  • Is it possible that my animal is grieving for another animal family member who has passed away?
    Yes, and this is a question you can ask in your session. Animals feel grief and loss as humans do. They can experience significant separation anxiety and grief when one of their humans passes away, and they equally grieve and mourn the loss of their animal companions. This can result in behaviour changes as they adapt to the loss, and they may experience health issues relating to the trauma and grief. I have spoken with animals who have changed behaviour as their humans are grieving, and supported humans with practical ideas and healing support to assist their animal family who are grieving. If your animal needs assistance to process grief, I will advise you and provide suggestions to support them.
  • Is my animal uncomfortable with the dynamics in the house e.g. other animals, new animal, baby, new partner, change in work hours?"
    Animals are very sensitive to energy changes in their environment, and this is a question you can ask in your session. I have written about this in my book “The Bridge to Animal Consciousness” as these changes in the household can have a significant impact on your animals. Coming into a house as a new animal family member means the new animal has to integrate with the established animals and will no doubt get told about the pecking order and house rules from the senior animals. Having a young animal enter the household can be very stressful for the older animals who may not be as active and can’t run away and hide from them. A new baby coming home changes the amount of time for interaction with the humans, and their cries can be very disturbing for a timid animal. Having a new partner or visitor changes the routine – a new voice, new noises, different footsteps, different phone rings – all of these changes need to be adapted to over time. Changing your work hours can also have an impact when your animal family is used to a routine. If you are changing shifts, working longer hours, or travelling overnight for business- these will all change what normally happens in your animal’s day to day life, and they will show you that they are not thrilled with the changes !
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