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I recently had a crystal healing with Annie.  I was totally blown away by her professionalism, expertise and experience in the healing.  Annie’s knowledge of her crystals and essential oils is astounding.  Annie worked with approximately 30 crystals around/on me and under the table, a variety of essential oils were massaged into my feet and then I received a Reiki healing. I had many positive physical and spiritual reactions to the crystal healing.  I no longer have the back pain I was concerned about and I happily travelled back to my lifetime in Atlantis and Avalon.
I wish Annie all the success of the Universe.

— Liz

I am in awe of Annie’s ability to converse with the animal kingdom both here and over the rainbow bridge.  The help and healing Annie provides to animals and their owners is astounding. I have seen this happen numerous times where Annie has connected to animals with great respect, humour, trust and love.  


One such occasion was when my friend’s loving little dog had a complete personality change to being grumpy and snappy. My friend took him to the vet and he was prescribed strong medication. 


I asked Annie to find out what was making him so unhappy.  He told Annie that he was concerned as his owner’s behaviour and interaction with him had changed while  she was dealing with grief, and he wasn’t receiving the usual love and attention. He also disliked the way the medication was making him feel.


My friend confirmed that he was speaking the truth. With support she improved her emotional wellbeing, her dog was safely weaned off his medication, and they have strengthened their relationship.

— Elizabeth

I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia in 2013 which rapidly progressed. In a very short time I went from working full time and competing in sport at a high level, to being totally bed ridden, undergoing 4 rounds of chemotherapy, radiation and eventually a bone marrow transplant. The physical and emotional toll of this treatment was enormous, and there were times when I couldn’t see the end. 

When Annie offered Reiki, oils, and crystals to support my recovery I was unsure, as being a medical professional I am a natural sceptic, however the change was almost immediate. From the very next day my recovery became easier, my pain was better controlled, and I was more relaxed and positive. I’m convinced that this allowed me to take back the spiritual control that I was lacking and gave my body the catalyst it needed to turn the tide. 

I will always remember and I can’t thank Annie enough for her inspirational help during this time. It’s clear that she is not only very knowledgeable, but also has an enormous heart, and pours her whole self into her amazing ability to heal.  

— PJ

I reached out to Annie when I experienced a miscarriage at 11 weeks. I was pregnant with my 3rd baby and had not experienced a miscarriage before. I was devastated and in shock. Annie was able to communicate with my darling angel and told me that “he was ok” and that he said that it was not my fault. Naturally thoughts go through your head of “what did I do that day” and I had been blaming myself. The reassurance and peace Annie gave me was such a gift. No other consolation from family or friends had as much impact as Annie’s to soothe my aching heart. I’m so very grateful to Annie and so appreciate her gift to communicate in a time of heartache. I cannot recommend Annie and her abilities highly enough. Much love and gratitude to you Annie. 

— Megan

The ability to connect to and understand all animals opens up a whole new perspective of us sharing our lives with not just our pets at home but with the animals that are in our world around us

Thank you so much Annie for connecting with my cat Max. The answers to my questions were so very relevant and explained a couple of things I had done recently. Your messages make sense and you so accurately picked up on his behaviour and his actions towards me and towards Ben my dog. In some ways he knows me more than I know myself.

Brilliant, thank you.

— Rochelle L

Wow. I am forever grateful for Annie walking into my life. She has activated in me communication with my beautiful girl Moonie. I never even knew it was possible. Our bond has strengthened from moment to moment as we now regularly talk to each other. I had no concept that animals could understand what we were saying. Annie's conversation with Moonie helped me so much to settle her into her new home and identified a health issue I had a feeling needed looking at. Annie was absolutely spot on  with what she conveyed from the conversation. I highly recommend  all animal owners to work with Annie, she has an extraordinary gift and truly cares for the welfare of animals. The connection between Moonie and I has transformed for life as a result of one conversation. Thank you Annie! 

— Justine

Annie helped me with my Maine Coon Obie when he was diagnosed with renal failure. We had a very close bond so when he began to get sicker Annie reached out and offered to help. She was able to communicate with Obie and tell me what he needed and how he was feeling.


When I lost Obie in 2019 she helped guide me through everything and spoke to him again. Much to our surprise and after we worked together Obie came back in another cat who was born 6 days after Obie passing.


The bond with my new boy is so strong as I feel Obie in his soul and I have Annie to thank for all of her guidance and helping Obie reunite with me again.


I highly recommend Annie -  she is a very loving and helpful person and  has helped so many communicate and reunite with their beloved pets.

— Amba

With several of our cats behaving badly I asked for help to understand what the issues were. With Annie’s help and advice we were able to sort out the problems. Thank you so much for your help.

— Nicky

This is a message of gratitude. My magnificent labradoodle Luka passed away suddenly and I turned to Annie to reconnect and promise him that he was adored. I wanted to know that he was okay. Annie helped him to connect back to us and send his message of love. I rescued a standard poodle boy who had a difficult puppy hood. Annie helped him to understand he had arrived in his forever home and his naughty behaviour had to stop. He learnt to accept my love, play gently with his pup sisters and respect the hierarchy in my home. Cole dog is happy, listening and showing love to me and his siblings. Unless you saw it firsthand it would be hard to believe. I am so grateful.    

— Chris

Annie is amazing. I simply cannot recommend her enough. Annie you are amazing. Your animal communication feedback was so spot on.

From the moment I came across your Facebook page and made contact with you, my awakening has stirred. I cannot thank you enough for communicating with my animals, and providing me with spiritual guidance, encouragement and support. You told me my Miss Willow is here to help with my spiritual journey. This is the card she picked for me today – “let go of logic and trust your true feelings”  

Annie, I cannot tell you how much joy this has brought me. I have been reading your book as well.

Thank you so much.

— Ann

Annie is a rare gem and an absolute delight to work with. Annie initially helped my husband and I with our Maine Coon Bentley when he was a kitten and we were having some teething/adjustment/behavioural problems. On Annie’s advice we adjusted Bentley’s bedding and sleeping room layout, diet, stay at home arrangements when we go on holiday, play time (indoors and outdoors), home routine when our house cleaners visit. Following Annie’s advice and her communication with Bentley, he now ‘knows’ the cleaners will be coming regularly and intuitively goes into another room to avoid them. His tummy upsets have gone. He has stopped biting my nose. And he has become very, very affectionate.

I cannot recommend Annie highly enough, and feel so grateful for her help with both me and Bentley. We are now happy and healthy and loving our new life together.

— Rochelle

I can’t believe the relief I feel after chatting with Annie with messages from my kitten from over the rainbow bridge, and the help in communicating with my current cat, at my side today.

 Her talent and also her knowledge of animals and communication has amazed me.

 I highly recommend especially to anyone who has been unsettled over a passing. My heart is so contented now and I’ll eternally be grateful for her work.

 Thank you for being willing to talk to Kitsune and Kami and I, and I’ll be back.

— Jes

Rocco and Maggie portrait pic.png

I had an absolutely incredible reading with Annie who communicated with my beautiful dog Rocco, who is in spirit, and my Maggie who is living here with me. I had been struggling with so much grief over losing Rocco and I needed to know he is ok.

As soon as I opened the reading I was floored with what Rocco had told her about who he was with on the other side. He told her he was with my childhood dog Dusty, and Charlie, my cousin’s dog who passed away just before he did. There’s no way Annie could have known that unless she was talking to my boy. And Maggie chimed in telling Annie that Dusty had reincarnated into my second childhood dog Duke! Rocco told her he will be reincarnating back to me, what he will look like and what he would like to be called. Rocco also told her ‘Treehouse’ as his code word. The Treehouse was the location of a place I took him walking his whole life. And it’s where I go to connect with him. He was letting me know he knows that!

I was on cloud nine. I had been looking for an Animal Communicator for some time and Annie’s reading was amazing. She helped me in ways she could never imagine! I had attended one of Annie’s free Masterclasses too (via Zoom) and she’s absolutely fascinating to listen to. So much of my grief lifted and she brought me to a place of healing and joy.

I highly recommend Annie to connect with your furbabies, either living or in spirit. She truly has a gift.
A short transcript of our reading can be read on Annie’s FB page Cosmic Heart Intuitive. ‘A Happy Tail-Rocco and Maggie’ for anyone that might be interested.

Thank you so much Annie.

— Mum

My mother passed before I turned four. Subsequently I was raised by the woman my father married soon after, a woman I believed was my birth mother until I was sixteen years old. I have no actual memory of the woman who gave birth to me. My older siblings do, but the trauma of her death essentially broke up the family, and I only lived with one of my four siblings throughout the time I grew up. At the age of fifty-six, the absence of real memory of my mother is a pain that is never far from the surface. 


I have long held theories surrounding my mother’s death; details too sensitive to list here. Recently I had a dream; in it a woman stepped forward to say she had information for me. Very soon after that I had an opportunity to share this dream with Annie Bourke. I told her my theories

surrounding my mother and she was not only able to confirm them to be true but also that my mother was present with us at that very moment. Annie was able to share with me details about my mother that were surprising, reassuring and extremely comforting. 


During our (later) session it became very obvious that my mother had been with me all along. She likes to watch me sleep. I have experiences where I feel the bed depress downwards, at times my body moves with the mattress. I would think it was my Golden Retriever repositioning on the bed only to turn and find she hadn’t moved at all. Turns out it was just Mum, who likes to position herself on the bed to watch me sleep and comfort me.

Shortly after my session with Annie, I had an experience where I felt very confident my

mother was with me and spoke to me. Not

audibly, but the sensation of knowing it was her that prompted the thought I’d just had was unshakable. Annie was able to confirm for me that indeed this was my Mum. Annie told me that my mother had a message for me and told me to be on the lookout for random feathers in places they wouldn’t normally be. Annie had no idea that for the longest time, I seem to always find feathers. So much so, that they had become a bit of a highlight for me given my love of wildlife. I find feathers everywhere, and they make me smile. Annie confirmed that my mother leaves me the feathers as a sign that she is around.

Loss and grief are horrendous emotions. Having such an early loss of arguably the most important person in my life has had a significant impact on me in countless ways.  My lonely search for some connection with her has led to many tearful nights. 


It’s difficult for me to adequately explain just what it means to me that I have now established a connection with my Mum. I feel and sense her around me; I talk with her and acknowledge her with every feather I come across. When I’m mindful of her, I can almost hear her. She speaks inaudibly but loudly in my spirit. I sense messages of support, encouragement, approval and love. 

The comfort I have from my encounter with Annie is tangible. My life has changed. I now have a relationship with the woman I lost as a toddler.  Please allow me to encourage you - Annie is a gifted medium. If you are longing to connect or reconnect with a loved one, I know firsthand how much this can impact on your life and I’d love you to have an experience like mine. 

— Di

"We have more to learn from animals than animals have to learn from us."

Anthony Douglas Williams

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