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I declare that I am not a medical practitioner, physician or vet. All advice about healing support should be taken in consideration with health professional advice.

Cosmic Heart Intuitive services offer healing support through natural and energetic healing modalities. These services are not marketed as providing total cures for all conditions. Please consult your qualified health professional.

For clients seeking healing support or the Aromatherapy consultation, the online booking form (Health Questionnaire) must be completed honestly and fully to safely guide the session provided. As there are safety precautions with using some essential oils, risk factor questions have been included in the health questionnaire. Answering incorrectly may put your health at risk. Cosmic Heart Intuitive is not liable for decisions based on misleading or false health information provided in the health questionnaire.

Instructions for use of Aromatherapy essential oils or essential oil blends will be provided with the oils. Cosmic Heart Intuitive is not responsible or liable should these instructions not be correctly followed. The blends are NOT to be used in an oil burner, must be stored away from direct sunlight, and must be stored away from heat. For safety reasons the blend should not be used on another human, or on animals, and must be kept out of reach of children.

Questions for Animal conversations, Mediumship (Animals) and Mediumship (Humans) will be asked as per the questions submitted. If there are questions that the animal or soul in spirit declines to answer, you will be advised of this. Answers will be sent to you as provided by the animal or soul in spirit, word for word.

For Animal Conversations, Mediumship (Animals) and Mediumship (Humans) sessions – if the soul does not consent to having the conversation, your booking fee will be fully reimbursed.

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