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The Bridging Animal Consciousness Trilogy

The Bridge to Animal Consciousness

International bestseller “The Bridge to Animal Consciousness” is the first book in the Bridging Animal Consciousness Trilogy. 

Published in 2018, this was written to raise awareness of the importance of animals, which is Annie’s life mission.

This book explains:

  • Why animals are here

  • The wonder of animal soul journeys including reincarnation

  • How to welcome an animal to your family, and dealing with goodbyes

  • Enriching the lives of animals

  • Practical ways to make a difference for animals

Animals matter. They are wise beings who can help you on your journeys. The more you understand them, the richer your lives are.

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Crossing the bridge to Animal Consciousness

International bestselling author and international animal communicator Annie Bourke shares her breakthrough guidance and wisdom from animals. This book is full of incredible and phenomenal secrets and facts animals have shared with her which will change your understanding of reality and expand your consciousness about animals.

In part 2 of the Bridging Animal Consciousness trilogy, Annie explores animal soul journeys on a deeper level, as experienced through real life stories with animals whose destiny was to reincarnate and return to their human family for another lifetime.

This book will help you to:

  • Create a more powerful relationship with your animal

  • Gain clarity about your soul connection with your animal

  • Receive peace of mind through understanding the miracle of animal soul reincarnation

  • Overcome bereavement grief and experience indescribable joy welcoming your reincarnated animal home

  • Discover the phenomenon of eternal soul existence

  •  Be amazed by soul secrets animals want you to know

  •  Redefine your understanding of reality through understanding the impact of animal soul journeys and unique reincarnation experiences

This is the essential guide for animal parents. If you currently have or have had animals, this book is for you !

Animal BOOK

Conscious Animal Parent Program

This is a unique opportunity to work with Annie 1:1 to activate and develop your telepathic animal communication skills, and expand your consciousness and clarity as you progress on your spiritual path.


The program includes:


  1. Annie’s Telepathic Animal Communication Mentorship Program. Annie works with you for 3 months with two of your living animals, or hers, to master telepathic communication so that you can talk with your own animals, living or in spirit.

  2. Video and Audio recordings of 4 of Annie’s Masterclasses for animal parents: 

    • Animal Communication Parts 1 and 2

    • Being an animal parent – advice from animals 

    • How do I deepen my connection with my animal ?

  3. Signed copies of Annie’s first two books: 

    • “The Bridge to Animal Consciousness” – International bestseller and Book 1 in the Bridging Animal Consciousness Trilogy 

    • “Evolving Hearts and Souls – The Guide to Spiritual Awakening”  - Amazon #1 Bestseller

  4. An individual Spiritual Development Mentoring session with Annie – Receive guidance to assist you on your spiritual awakening and soul evolvement journey.


Contact Annie for enrolment details.

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