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What is Animal Communication?

Animal communication is a non-verbal form of communication where humans and animals communicate telepathically. Nothing is said aloud. You wouldn't be aware of the conversation taking place but might notice eye connection if the animal permits.

Animals communicate within their own species and between species telepathically. Dogs chat to each other when they meet walking down the street or in a park. Often animals sniff each other to allocate and recognise scents and strengthen their bonds. They might rub noses and look at each other intently, and you can tell that they are communicating but you can't hear the conversation. Many people are aware of their domestic animals having a family meeting when they sit close together with serious intent.

How do they communicate?

Fortunately all animals seem to be able to universally communicate in languages that we understand. I've chatted to animals around the world and they telepathically communicate so I understand their langauage after I’ve introduced myself and ask permission to have a conversation, or they have shown little video snippets in my head to explain their messages.

In my experience animals all have individual voices and personalities just like humans. You can hear emotion as they speak of past trauma, elation when they speak about their humans, laughter, and even singing! Some of them are real characters, joking and teasing with their answers.

I've spent years practicing animal communication with my cats, with friends’ animals, with animals in zoos, and animals in the wild. All of them can talk but it's their free will which I respect. If they don't want to talk or don't want to talk about certain topics, that is their choice.

The communication is like a communion of souls - you reach out to the animal soul at an energetic level. I begin with a heart to heart connection and can palpably feel that connection whether I am physically with them, separated geographically, or if they have passed over (in spirit).

Once I have introduced myself, explained that their humans want me to ask some questions, and gained consent for the conversation, I ask the questions requested by their humans.

Clarifying the answers

If I'm not certain of their answers I ask clarifying questions to make sure I understand what they are saying, so that I can accurately relay the answers back to their humans. I can hear their answers and voices in my head. I always ask if there is anything else that their humans need to know in case there is something important that has not been identified with the other questions.

To date the animals have been incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to pass messages on to their humans. It is a very empowering experience for the animals. They then know for certain that their humans really care about them to have arranged the conversation and to have so many genuine questions about their well-being, health and behavioural issues.

Animals understand everything that we say and know what's going on in our lives. Although their responses may seem abrupt, they are honest and say exactly how things are - no sugar coating, just factual reality.

Deepening the bond

I've observed that having a conversation changes the relationship and deepens the bonds between animals and humans. The animal knows how much their human cares and that changes how they interact with you. People have remarked how more affectionate their animals are after a conversation, even exhibiting behaviours they've never shown before. It is such a joy to see humans and animals better understanding each other and strengthening their relationships.

Having a conversation with an animal in spirit is a similar process. Again it is a matter of connecting with the soul, checking that they are willing to have a conversation, and proceeding with the questions. Often this might be the first time that the human has been able to connect with their animal since they passed over. It can be a powerful healing opportunity for unresolved grief and being able to communicate emotions of regret, grief, and love. The human can be comforted by knowing that the animal’s soul endures, and that their shared love endures. The animals can express their gratitude and love. it is a beautiful experience to facilitate these reunions and pass on messages of love.

I am very grateful for all of the animals who have assisted me in learning to speak their language. It is a privilege to be their voice and convey their messages.

It is part of my life purpose to make a difference for animals. Having conversations with animals is integral for people to better understand their animals, to raise consciousness about animals, to support animal-human connections, and contribute to animal well-being.

My conversations

Annie  Bourke - Dolphin swim in Hawaii.J


I understand that dolphins are carrying special wisdom which is shared with those who can understand them. When I was in Hawaii I had the opportunity to go swimming with wild dolphins off the west coast of the big island. I had been communicating with the dolphins for some days before the swim in anticipation of this unique experience. The first time I went into the water I was expecting that they would be swimming around me but instead they swam deep underneath me like silent grey submarines. For the next swim I asked them if they could swim at a more shallow level so that I could see them better, feel their energy, and hear their messages. I was honoured and thrilled that the remaining swim sessions provided the opportunity to see them close up and experience the euphoria of being in their energy fields.

Cheetah experience for my conversations.


Although I have a particular affinity for all cats big and small, the cheetah is my favourite. My first encounter was with four young cheetahs. Their fur was surprisingly coarser than I had expected and their purrs were phenomenal. I visited them again when they were about 18 months old and again experienced incredible soul connections without any words being spoken. It was like a soul recognition and very fulfilling.



In 2009 I achieved one of my bucket list wishes and travelled to Snow Hill Island off the eastern Antarctic Peninsula. Due to poor visibility after storms we had to wait for better weather so that we could helicopter to the base camp and hike for an hour in the snow to the Emperor Penguin colony. Our prayers were answered and on a cloudless blue sky day we reached the colony. Although we were not permitted to get too close to the penguins, if they chose to approach us we could enjoy the experience. There were so many occasions when the young ones walked right up to me. It was such a joy to watch the young ones playing, the adults tobogganing, and listening to them interact in pristine wilderness.



I visited Chester Zoo in the UK in 2014 on a hot summer’s day. The lions were lying in the grass in the shade and ignoring several groups of primary school students who were roaring at them and yelling at them to get up. Once the children had moved away, I introduced myself to the male and explained that I was visiting from Australia and I would really appreciate it if he would mind sitting up for a moment so that I could see his face.  He very obligingly sat up straight away and looked directly at me - he knew exactly who was speaking to him. A lady standing near me said “he's looking straight at you” and I replied that I had asked him to. He posed for a number of photos and then gracefully lay down to sleep again. I thanked him for doing this despite the hot weather and appreciated his grace and nobility.



I enrolled for a big cat photography workshop at the Big Cat Sanctuary in Smarden in the UK in June 2019. I had prayed for fine weather and a wonderful day connecting with and photographing the many cats in residence. My prayers were answered with blue skies and 31 degrees temperature. It was an absolutely amazing day seeing so many different big and small cats and trying to capture the experiences with my camera. The Amur leopard has such a beautiful patterned coat and eyes. I really wanted to achieve a perfect image showcasing the wonder of this animal and encouraged it to look towards where I was standing to gain eye to eye contact. I think this image depicts grace and beauty as the culmination of a special conversation.

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