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What is Mediumship?

Mediumship is a spiritual gift or talent where the medium can connect and talk to souls in spirit. You can attend mediumship development workshops to enhance your skills.

Mediums often present at group gatherings. They will identify a soul who wants to speak to someone in the audience, and through identifying features such as name, age, physical features, job, clothing, maternal or paternal family, they can link the soul to the person he or she wants to communicate with. These may be recently deceased family members or friends, and it can be very emotional listening to messages of love, of regret at not being able to say goodbye, and witnessing unresolved grief. Despite the emotion of these reunions, it can assist and bring closure to the grief process knowing that the soul has transitioned over safely, and that the soul is strong enough to come through to make a connection with us, and unanswered questions about their death can be answered. It also is confirmation that although the physical body is no more, the soul endures.

You can also ask for a specific soul to come through, but as it is a free will situation, if they don’t want to connect with you at the time, they won’t. The medium will collect evidence through questioning to confirm who the soul is, and will relay messages backwards and forwards till the soul needs to leave. The soul will have been watching their loved one from the other side, and will be able to comment on things that have happened in their loved one’s life since they passed away, confirming that they can see and know what is going on once they have passed. The first mediumship evening I attended a family friend who’d passed away came through with a message for me about what I had to study next for my soul development and life purpose. She knew I was fascinated with expanding my spiritual and esoteric knowledge before she passed away, so it was lovely of her to come through to confirm life after death, and to encourage me on my quest of spiritual understanding and growth.

As a medium, I think it is wonderful to pass on messages to the bereaved and comfort them. Even when family members have passed many years ago, it is a thrill for the surviving family members to know that their loved one is okay, and they appreciate hearing their messages of love and guidance. One of my friends has a grandmother in spirit who periodically turns up for a chat and to share advice. It’s wonderful for my friend that she can continue to connect to Granny and benefit from her wisdom.

Less common are animal mediums – people who can communicate with your animals who have passed over. I am an animal communicator and also an animal medium – as with humans it is wonderful to connect to animals in spirit and pass on their messages of love and affection for their humans. Animals have such different personalities like humans, and senses of humour, so they get to show off their characters to confirm who they really are. Again there is confirmation of life after death, the endurance of the soul, and the endurance of love.


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