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What I enjoy about my work

I love chatting with animals, and I love enriching the animal-human relationship by helping the animal parents to better understand their animals.

It's powerful to support bereaved animal parents and their animals through the grief process and help them achieve peace of mind.

One of the most amazing and exciting aspects is when animal souls reincarnate and come back to have another lifetime with their humans. Although it's not every animal's destiny to come back, it's so wonderful that they can and do come back.

Recently I've had conversations with animals who know they are coming back, and have described what type of animal they'll be (some swap species), what gender (some swap as that is the body that is available for them to come back in despite their preference) and what features e.g. fur colour.

In the last week, I've heard from 2 clients who have now found their animal souls in their new bodies. I'll post the sequels when I have the photos to share. Despite the grief we feel with loss, there is so much excitement and anticipation about having them back with us again.

Two of my cats have come back again and I'm in awe and so grateful that they have done this, and come back to be with me and their siblings.

A real-life happy ever after event.


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