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What happens when our animals have to leave us?

Having to say goodbye to an animal is one of the most traumatic events we experience. They have been our best friend, our patient and non-judgmental confidante, our cheer squad, our teacher, our healer, our protector and the constant supplier of unconditional love.

Sometimes they have the strength to pass over on their own, and sometimes we have to exercise great love to assist them on their eternal journey. Either scenario is devastating and heartbreaking for us and their animal siblings.

My cat Reilly had a heart attack one morning - she had no history of heart problems and had not been unwell. She just passed over in a few moments which was a huge shock and I didn’t have the opportunity then to say goodbye and thank her for being in my life and an outstanding teacher. When I asked her why she did that, she told me that she needed a new body, and not to be so sentimental. I had no experience of soul reincarnation but she is an excellent teacher and told me what she was going to look like when she came back. This was a huge time of trust for me. She had been accurate about everything else she had taught me so I had to believe her despite what other people thought. What a gift that her soul wanted to come back and be with me and her siblings. She could have stayed on the other side and still communicated with me, but she came back and has continued to support me as a higher evolved version of herself.

She did come and visit energetically before she returned physically. My other cats could sense when she was in the house, and I heard her vocalising.

I would like to reassure those of you who have sensed your animal returning to trust your instinct and know you are not crazy. From all of my conversations with animals in spirit, they don’t want to leave us and are unable to be there to support us physically as we grieve. Many people have seen, felt and heard their animals in spirit, so please know that this is real and that your animals visit as often as they can. You may feel them patting you or jumping on the bed. They will do what they can to let you know that they are there.

Once their soul passes over, they go through a healing process. Once completed, they are then able to return to visit us. They confirm that they are with family members and family animals which is so reassuring. Connecting with them through mediumship readings confirms that the soul endures and love endures. Although the physical being has left, their soul is eternal. Sometimes they do come back in a new body to be with us again in this lifetime, and sometimes we have to wait till it’s our turn to pass over before we are reunited.

Although saying goodbye is so hard, it wouldn’t hurt so much if we didn’t love them so much. We have such a huge capacity to love, and our lives are so rich with having animals sharing our journey. Our animals have so much love and affection for us, and every moment with them is precious.

I tell my animals every day that I love them and I’m grateful that they are here with me.

Our animals understand everything we say.

What do you tell your animals?


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