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What can you do to include fun and play to your schedule?

Animals have so much wisdom to share with us if we take the time to connect, watch and listen.

Reflecting on my trip to Sea World on Tuesday this week, I experienced so much enjoyment in spending time with polar bear Mishka. Although she was on her own, she filled her day playing with her toys and in the water.

What messages was she sending? I received the message that we need to take time to be playful - to open ourselves to experiencing fun and laughter no matter what else we are dealing with. It's important to take time out to refresh and re-energise so that we can keep giving to others from a nurtured space.

Being in the water also gave the message of release and freedom - movement is easier. Mishka was having so much fun diving, doing high 5's with her huge feet, handstands, and retrieving her toys.

It was such a special opportunity to take time out and refocus on being with nature, and benefit from watching the playtime.

What can you do to include fun and play in your schedule?


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