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How do crystals work ?

I love working with crystals and love the fact that they are naturally formed medicines - gifts from the earth.

Crystals, like all other forms of matter on Earth, have an individual electromagnetic vibrational frequency. They vary in frequency and in how the frequency assists our healing. Our bodies vibrate at a certain frequency, and our organs vibrate at different frequencies for normal health. If our frequency drops, we get ill, initially with colds and influenza, and then more drastic illnesses if our frequency continues to lower. If we place a crystal in our energetic field – either worn as jewellery, carried in our pockets or bra, held in our hands or placed on or near our body, the vibrational field of the crystal interacts with our body’s vibrational field, something changes, our vibration elevates, and we accelerate the healing process.

Crystals vary with their healing properties, and can support our multi-layered energetic body and multi-level problems. Crystals can work on physical symptoms like pain: I visited a friend in hospital with leukaemia who was in significant pain – I put a particular crystal on his chest that was recommended for his condition and his pain stopped straight away. Some crystals assist with releasing deep emotional pain – I find malachite and rose amethyst are wonderful for this. Crystals can also support our spiritual growth and development, and crystals such as amethyst, azeztulite, elestial quartz and phenacite can enhance our experience. For supporting our third eye opening and meditations, lapis lazuli, azurite and tiffany stone are beneficial. I experience crystals from Madagascar as having a higher potency and frequency than the same crystals found in other locations, and I am drawn to them wherever I go.

Crystals cannot harm you, and you cannot place them on a wrong place in a healing session. If you use very high frequency or high potency crystals in healing sessions or meditations, you may feel quite spacey or floaty or giggly afterwards – if you are going to use these crystals, have hematite or smokey quartz at your feet during the session to ground you. The energy will go where it is needed. You may think that the crystals need to be colour coordinated with your energy chakras, and there is nothing wrong with having red crystals on your red chakra and yellow crystals on your yellow chakra, but you can be guided intuitively to place crystals and you might feel you need to have a purple one on your red chakra, and a green one on your yellow chakra. Their energy will go where it is needed with your intention of healing for your (or your client’s) highest good – whether there are issues with their physical, spiritual, mental or emotional energetic bodies, the crystal’s vibrational frequency will find where it is meant to go. Size also doesn’t matter – I have tiny little pieces all the way up to large stones and crystal clusters. You can lay crystals on and around you or your animal or another person however you are inspired to do. It will help them because you have designed the crystal grid with the intent of helping improve health and well-being.

Investing in a good crystal book is worthwhile – it will help you understand the various properties of crystals, but nothing beats experience and you will find with practice which ones help specific conditions. The book will also describe the appropriate cleansing processes for your crystal – you will need to clean them after you’ve purchased them to remove the energies they may have absorbed while waiting to come home with you. Crystals such as selenite should not be cleaned in water. Some crystals (e.g. black moonstone) prefer the new moon for a moon bathe rather than the full moon. You can use sound to clean crystals when you first get them and in between uses e.g playing a singing bowl or Tibetan bells, or toning (producing noises of different pitches) yourself. Crystals can be cleaned in a bowl of salt. Some people like burying them in the earth to re-energise them going back to Mother Nature – be warned that sometimes Mother Nature takes them back and you won’t ever be able to find them again! If she takes them back, she needs them more than you do. I’ve attended workshops where we have deliberately gifted crystals back to the earth – a beautiful ritual of gratitude, detachment and respect.

I have crystals under my bed and in my bed. Interestingly one of the large amplifier crystals I had under my bed (kyanite) was too potent to sleep with, and disturbed my sleep, so I’ve had to take it out of the bedroom. I have lots of smaller ones in the bed which migrate through the night to where they need to work. They can start the night under my pillow and end up under my back. I find they heat up when they are really activated and have been working hard to assist me. If you have lots of crystals in your bedroom, you may be overloading the area with energy, and may find that reducing the number of them helps you to get a better quality of sleep. The lengthy exposure to multiple frequencies may be too stimulating and put your systems into overload.

Crystals are also important for protection of our energetic body. You can grid your house with crystals to keep positive energy in and prevent negative energy from coming in. Black crystals such as tourmaline and obsidian can be placed inside your doorways, and some people also use rose quartz to let only love in. You may like to bury crystals in the land as protection, and I know people who have placed crystals in their house walls during construction. Wearing black tourmaline, black obsidian, jet, shungite or clear quartz can be protective especially if you have to interact with toxic people or work in negative environments.

Crystals are very potent and are here to help us.


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