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A Happy Tail

I connected with a lovely animal Mum this week who wanted me to connect with her boy dog in spirit Rocco, and her girl dog Maggie who is living with her. Mum was happy for me to share my amazing conversations with her animals.

One of the questions Mum wanted me to ask Rocco was “who is he with on the other side ?”. This is a tricky question to ask as sometimes the animals have struck up new friendships with animals in heaven so do not mention the animals and humans in spirit that their parent is expecting them to say.

When I asked Rocco, he said “Charlie and Dusty”. I asked if they were humans or animals and he answered “4 footers” so I assumed that they were animals. I checked several times for confirmation of the names as I strive to be an accurate channel and pass on correct information .

He then told me that he is going to reincarnate, and described what he will look like when he comes back. He also asked for his Mum to consider the name Rusty.

After answering the rest of Mum’s questions he gave me the code word “treehouse”. I have learned through experience that when I have conversations with animals in spirit, they often give me a code word which makes no sense to me but the parents understand the meaning. It’s not up to me to try and interpret or understand the message, or doubt that I’ve heard the word. It’s the animal’s way of confirming with their humans that I’m definitely talking with them , and it’s so clever that they do this. I had no idea what the relevance of treehouse was, but included it in the conversation report for Mum to decipher.

I was concerned about giving Mum the correct names of who Rocco is with. Without asking, when I started the conversation with Maggie she spontaneously told me “Mum will know who Charlie is, and Dusty is Duke”. Maggie obviously knew I needed confirmation that the names Rocco had given me were correct. I had no idea who Duke was, but included this in the report too.

I emailed the report to Mum, and sent her a message to say that the report had been sent.

A few minutes later, I received a message saying “Holy #$%*. He’s with Charlie and Dusty. There’s no way you could have known that ! I’m completely blown away!”

We had a debrief zoom chat yesterday and she explained the significance of what her dogs had told me. Dusty was her first dog when she was about 3 and she absolutely loved the dog. They had to move and couldn’t take the dog so she was heartbroken and the dog was left with a neighbour. Duke was her next dog when she was about 8 and she had intuitively felt Rocco was Duke reincarnated. With Rocco reincarnating this will be the 4th time his soul has been connected with his Mum in this lifetime. It’s no coincidence he mentioned the name Rusty as a combination of Rocco and Dusty – he was sending a message confirming who he is with the reincarnations.

Charlie is Mum’s cousin’s dog in spirit and he and Rocco spent a lot of time together even though they weren’t particularly close. Interestingly Mum and her cousin have joked about the boys probably spending time together on the other side, and they are !

Mum explained that Treehouse is a property she used to visit and there are huge walking tracks opposite where she used to take Rocco walking and he loved walking there from puppyhood.

Mum said “You’ve helped me in ways you could never imagine”.

This is one of the reasons why I do what I do – I love being able to support bereaved animal parents by connecting with the soul of their animal in spirit and confirming that they have transitioned safely and that their soul endures. It can really help the grief process knowing that your animal is okay, and that they are contactable no matter how long ago they passed. Having a conversation can help achieve peace of mind for you and them.

If you are a bereaved animal parent and would like to connect with your animal in spirit and have your questions answered, please message me to have a complimentary zoom chat to work out how I can support you and your animal.


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