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A Happy Tail

Recently I posted the crystal grid I made to support my furry client Bentley, who was booked to have major surgery. He is a beautifully natured cat and we have had numerous conversations. His surgery had been significantly delayed with lockdown restrictions.

My cats have spent a lot of time energising the grid and added a toy mouse. There have been a number of people praying for Bentley's wellbeing and recovery.

Bentley was admitted for surgery on Tuesday this week. I received a phone call from Bentley's human Mum on Tuesday. After having scans to guide the surgery, Mum was contacted and told that his health issues had completely and safely healed, and he did not require surgery!

I was absolutely thrilled for Bentley and his parents - so wonderful that prayers had been answered, and that he and his parents didn't have to go through the experiences of surgery and rehabilitation. Mum was delighted to collect him and bring him home, where he has been lapping up the love and attention. He told me he loves being loved.

Never underestimate the power of prayer and intent for the highest good. Sometimes we are surprised by an even better outcome than we anticipated. Miracles happen.


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