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Thank You

Thank you for downloading my guide for bereaved animal parents. My condolences on your loss, and I trust that the guide will assist you at this difficult time. I invite you to watch the brief video below to learn about further support available for you.

From personal experience I know it can feel overwhelming dealing with the grief and searching for some way to ease your distress. You may be seeking answers about why your animal passed away, or worrying if your animal has transitioned safely to the other side, or wondering if or when your animal will be able to visit you on an energetic level. Through conversations with animals in spirit (animal mediumship) I can ask what caused their passing – your animal has good medical knowledge. Your animal tells me who they are with on the other side (human and animal) and pass on messages for you. Your animal answers your questions.

Grieving can be hard on your own.
Allow me to share three more ways I can support you:

Join Our: "Understanding Your Animals" FB Group

Join Me & Listen to the "What Animals Tell Me" Podcast (2 Episodes)

Book a conversation and have a chat about your experience.

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