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For Animals

Do you think your animal is trying to tell you something ?

Do you want to know how your animal is feeling ?

Do you have concerns about your animal’s unusual behaviour or recent behaviour changes ?

Are you worried about your animal’s health ?

Are you anxious about your animal’s reaction to bringing home another animal or baby or partner ?

Do you have an animal who has passed over that you would like to connect to ?

Do you feel your animal is not coping following the death of a family member (animal or human)?

Find out more about animal conversations and animal mediumship sessions.

For People

Do you have a family member or friend in spirit that you would like to connect with ?


Do you have questions for them or messages to convey?

Do you need healing support for physical, emotional, mental or spiritual issues ?

Are you interested in an aromatherapy consultation and discovering how plant based essential oils can support your well-being ?

Find out more about services for people including mediumship sessions, distance healing support sessions, and aromatherapy consultations.

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Animal Communication

Communicate with your living animal in a communication session or with your animal in spirit through a mediumship session.



As an intuitive healer using Reiki, Crystals, and Essential Oils,  Annie can provide distance healing support



As an intuitive healer using Reiki, Crystals, Essential Oils and Animal Communication, Annie can provide distance healing support.



Annie is a certified clinical aromatherapist. Improve your well-being naturally with essential oils.

Mediumship with Souls

Do you have a human loved one in spirit that you would like to communicate with?



Join the Introduction sessions for Animal Conversations, Crystals and Essential Oils.


Understanding Animals

the benefits of animal communication

Although we can communicate with animals on a physical level through vocal verbal communication and touch, there is another level of communication where we can more effectively express ourselves and, more importantly, understand what they want to tell us. This is communicating on a telepathic level – mind to mind. Apparently we do this automatically when we are young children, but grow out of it. If you watch young children with animals, they do have conversations, and the children can tell you about the animal. The good news is that as adults we can reactivate this communication channel and experience very enriching conversations and deepen the bonds and relationships with animals, whether domestic, captive or wild. There are animal communicators all over the world offering courses to assist animals and their human carers to communicate, which will change the dynamics of your relationship immeasurably.


Being conscious of the words you use and the tone you use in verbal conversation makes a difference in the relationship with your animal. Even if they act aloof or independent and ignore your requests for affection, they understand perfectly well what is being said, and will show affection on their terms, in their time, when they are ready. Telling them that you love them (even when they push your buttons doing the things you’ve specifically asked them not to do, like jumping on the television stand) has a very profound effect on them, and you will see their behaviour change as they respond to what you say. Sometimes their soul lesson is to experience love, and they have come into our lives for us to help them achieve this.

Annie's Mantra - “Anything is possible. Miracles happen. Dreams come true”

This is a message of gratitude. My magnificent labradoodle Luka passed away suddenly and I turned to Annie to reconnect and promise him that he was adored. I wanted to know that he was okay. Annie helped him to connect back to us and send his message of love. I rescued a standard poodle boy who had a difficult puppy hood. Annie helped him to understand he had arrived in his forever home and his naughty behaviour had to stop. He learnt to accept my love, play gently with his pup sisters and respect the hierarchy in my home. Cole dog is happy, listening and showing love to me and his siblings. Unless you saw it firsthand it would be hard to believe. I am so grateful.    

— Chris

Annie is amazing. I simply cannot recommend her enough. Annie you are amazing. Your animal communication feedback was so spot on. From the moment I came across your Facebook page and made contact with you, my awakening has stirred. I cannot thank you enough for communicating with my animals, and providing me with spiritual guidance, encouragement and support. You told me my Miss Willow is here to help with my spiritual journey. This is the card she picked for me today – “let go of logic and trust your true feelings”  

Annie, I cannot tell you how much joy this has brought me. I have been reading your book as well.

Thank you so much.

— Ann

Annie helped me with my Maine Coon Obie when he was diagnosed with renal failure. We had a very close bond so when he began to get sicker Annie reached out and offered to help. She was able to communicate with Obie and tell me what he needed and how he was feeling.


When I lost Obie in 2019 she helped guide me through everything and spoke to him again. Much to our surprise and after we worked together Obie came back in another cat who was born 6 days after Obie passing.


The bond with my new boy is so strong as I feel Obie in his soul and I have Annie to thank for all of her guidance and helping Obie reunite with me again.


I highly recommend Annie -  she is a very loving and helpful person and  has helped so many communicate and reunite with their beloved pets.

— Amba

I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia in 2013 which rapidly progressed. In a very short time I went from working full time and competing in sport at a high level, to being totally bed ridden, undergoing 4 rounds of chemotherapy, radiation and eventually a bone marrow transplant. The physical and emotional toll of this treatment was enormous, and there were times when I couldn’t see the end. 

When Annie offered Reiki, oils, and crystals to support my recovery I was unsure, as being a medical professional I am a natural sceptic, however the change was almost immediate. From the very next day my recovery became easier, my pain was better controlled, and I was more relaxed and positive. I’m convinced that this allowed me to take back the spiritual control that I was lacking and gave my body the catalyst it needed to turn the tide. 

I will always remember and I can’t thank Annie enough for her inspirational help during this time. It’s clear that she is not only very knowledgeable, but also has an enormous heart, and pours her whole self into her amazing ability to heal.  

— PJ

"When I look into the eyes of an animal,

I do not see an animal.

I see a living being. I see a friend.

I feel a soul."    

Anthony Douglas Williams