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Understanding Animals – Benefits of animal communication

Although we can communicate with animals on a physical level through vocal verbal communication and touch, there is another level of communication where we can more effectively express ourselves and, more importantly, understand what they want to tell us. This is communicating on a telepathic level – mind to mind.

Apparently we do this automatically when we are young children, but grow out of it. If you watch young children with animals, they do have conversations, and the children can tell you about the animal. The good news is that as adults we can reactivate this communication channel and experience very enriching conversations and deepen the bonds and relationships with animals, whether domestic, captive or wild. There are animal communicators all over the world offering courses to assist animals and their human carers to communicate, which will change the dynamics of your relationship immeasurably.

Being conscious of the words you use and the tone you use in verbal conversation makes a difference in the relationship with your animal. Even if they act aloof or independent and ignore your requests for affection, they understand perfectly well what is being said, and will show affection on their terms, in their time, when they are ready. Telling them that you love them (even when they push your buttons doing the things you’ve specifically asked them not to do, like jumping on the television stand) has a very profound effect on them, and you will see their behaviour change as they respond to what you say. Sometimes their soul lesson is to experience love, and they have come into our lives for us to help them achieve this.

Some animals I’ve had conversations with do not like their names, and have alternatives prepared for me to suggest to their humans, and interestingly they respond to their new names straight away. How much more empowering it is to ask animals what they would like to be named! My younger cats have chosen their names and my cats who have reincarnated have chosen their new names too.

Once you are on the right wavelength to talk to animals, you can chat from anywhere in the world. Whenever I travel now, I tell my cats in advance that I will be going away, where I am going, when I am coming home, and that I will talk to them every day. It’s very reassuring for all to know that everyone is okay, and it prevents unnecessary anxiety.

Telepathic communication is also invaluable for finding out what your animal likes and doesn’t like in their everyday life, and if there is anything wrong that they are happy to share. In my experience, some animals hide pain, and don’t like to worry their humans about health issues. Sometimes they don’t want to tell their human what is happening, so you may need to consult a communicator to discover what is really going on. You can find out their food preferences and what they do and don’t want in their food bowls, their favourite toys, any other needs, and their favourite activities with you. Once you can communicate effectively, then animals can start teaching, as many are here to support us on our soul journeys.


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